5 Must-See Outdoor Campaigns by Plant-Based Brands

We have talked about 5 must-see TV ads from plant-based companies, highlighting that such brands are now important enough to own their own space on TV. It also showed that offline advertising is still very much alive. Indeed, another form of offline advertising that is imponent and will stay on for a short amount of time are billboards. Often very pricey depending on the location, billboards are now also a part of plant-based brands’ advertising strategy.


Often what sets them apart is the use of thought-provoking language, funny tone, educational information, or any other way that catches people’s attention to stop and look. Here are some examples of eye-catching billboards from vegan brands.

1) Oatly

plant based marketing

If you know Oatly, you know their communication strategy is nothing short of brilliant. They broke through all marketing and communication traditional ways and created their own. Their branding is key to their success, having it plastered in their packaging, social media, online and offline presence. Their tone will most certainly make you chuckle, always on trend, on brand and they are definitely not afraid to ‘poke the bear’ when needed.


2) Heura

This was a controversial billboard put up by Heura in central Madrid. The yellow catches your attention, the smaller print makes you stop to read and the text makes you think. Heura’s objective was to provide thought-provoking information and make people more conscious about the food choices they make. However, the message was not well received by all. Indeed, the plant-based brand had to take down the poster after being sued by major Spanish meat industry associations because of the advert’s provocative message.


3) Daring

Here’s an example of a simple and to the point advertisement that effectively showcases the product packaging, the product itself and the message they want to convey. You’d probably remember that packaging if you saw it in the supermarket.


4) Meatless Farm

One look at the ad and you can tell why people would talk about it. The implied swearing juxtaposed with the image of who could be someone’s grandma which is also contradictory since older generations are more likely to resist change – so even if your grandmother can switch to a plant-based burger, you can too!


5) GOOD Meat

Last but definitely not least, we have a billboard by GOOD Meat, advertising their cell-cultured chicken being available for delivery in Singapore. The look is very on-brand, simple, modern, providing the necessary message.


Keep your heads up and eyes open for new billboards from vegan brands that surely will pop-up around you!

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