Barilla is replacing egg whites with plant-based ingredients

Barilla’s expansion into plant-based is big news as they now make 100% certified vegan ingredients for the USA market. Their new pasta line will be made from semolina durum wheat, combined with lentil, chickpea & pea protein while maintaining the taste and texture of traditional semolina pasta. This transition comes from the increased consumer interest in plant-based and alternative protein options that the market is currently experiencing.

“We are always monitoring trends and looking to offer products that fit our consumers’ needs, and in this case, we focused on those that lead a completely plant-based lifestyle, but want more protein,” – Jean-Pierre Comte, President of Barilla Americas.

Thanks to a boom in vegan diets in the past year, startups and larger corporations are feeling inspired to create innovative reformulations of traditional meat-based protein products. Innova Market Insights has reported a 68% average annual growth in “plant-based” food and beverage launches (Global, CAGR 2014 to 2018)

Barillas new plant-based formula will not only be targeted at vegans, but those simply looking to incorporate more protein and fibre into their lifestyle. The egg replacement market is steadily growing, due to a sharp change in eating habits. The real challenge is finding solutions that mimic the same functions as eggs, like their foaming and moistening functionalities. Mung beans are also a potential protein that could offer a firm replication to the qualities of the egg and companies are continually carrying out research to find more.

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