Food-pickup platform is offering no-contact pods

Food-pickup service Minnow has installed its IoT-powered food pods for food deliveries across the US, in an effort to offer more sanitary and contaminant-free food pickups. Minnow has even added UV lights on the inside of the pods, in order to steralise any food containers put inside.

During the current pandemic outbreak, people are looking for more and more ways to avoid touching things. Minnow is the perfect solution as it offers its automatic pods in public places like offices and apartment buildings where residents can pre-order lunch from the menu via text or their app. The company then despatches the orders and has them delivered to the pod to be picked up. It’s a great way for busy users to eat delicious food during the current outbreak. Minnow is now in talks with residential buildings to quickly have their pods installed, to offer their food to those staying at home.

Services like Minnow are gaining a lot of traction at the moment – and I think we can expect to see a lot more if we have to be social distancing for a while longer.

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