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A Safer Bite: How FoodTech Startups are Revolutionizing Food Safety

Food safety is a critical aspect of the food industry, encompassing measures taken to ensure that food products are safe for consumption. It involves monitoring, handling, and storing food in a way that prevents contamination and minimizes the risk of foodborne illnesses. In today’s world, technology plays a crucial role in revolutionizing food safety practices. Several startups are at the forefront of this transformation, utilizing innovative technologies to enhance food safety across various domains.

This article explores startups in the realm of food safety. It delves into the core principles of food safety and how they apply to different facets of the food industry, from production and processing to packaging and distribution. These startups are not just shaping the future of food; they are safeguarding it, one technological breakthrough at a time. 


Agree Net
Agree Net

Agree NET 🇮🇹 is an Italian startup dedicated to advancing food safety in the realm of fruit and vegetable packing. Their focus lies in developing innovative, bio-based, and biodegradable materials for food packaging, revolutionizing the way of store and transport fresh produce. By utilizing by-products of agriculture, we craft sustainable materials that extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, reducing food waste and the reliance on disposable plastics. Their flagship products, Ally and ActivePack, are tailored solutions that significantly increase shelf life, promoting eco-friendliness and compliance with international sustainability standards.




AgNext 🇮🇳 harnesses technology to ensure food safety from the beginning: the farm. It is a fast-growing AgTech company that aims to solve quality and trust in food value chains by making them safer, transparent, and fairer. With the digitalization of food quality assessment as its core focus, it offers a uniquely integrated, AI-driven SaaS platform to agribusinesses for automated and instant food quality results. AgNext is bringing trust, speed & transparency to the agriculture value chain using AI-based food assessment technologies.


oscillum logo


Oscillum 🇪🇸 is a Spanish startup that plays a pivotal role in ensuring food safety with its cutting-edge smart labeling solutions. These labels not only provide real-time monitoring for quality control but also help optimize logistics and reduce wastage in the food supply chain. By allowing producers to recirculate products efficiently and maintain stringent quality standards, Oscillum significantly contributes to enhancing food safety. This technology is adaptable and extends its impact beyond the food industry, making it a powerful tool for ensuring the safety and quality of various consumer products.




Prevera 🇮🇱 is an Israeli startup on a mission to transform food safety into an asset. They’re combatting the challenges in the food industry, where harmful preservatives and ineffective methods compromise safety and shelf-life. Their innovative solution uses Food Protection Proteins, inspired by natural antimicrobial proteins, to enhance food safety. Prevera’s unique mixture of natural essential amino acids forms a powerful antimicrobial protein that protects food from relevant pathogens. When digested, the Prevera protein is broken back into original natural essential amino acids that provide essential nutrients while affecting our microbiome. By replacing harmful preservatives, their approach not only ensures safety but also significantly reduces food waste.


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TAG ONE 🇺🇸 is a groundbreaking Traceability Management System delivering comprehensive transparency to the food and natural products supply chain, from seed to sale. It specializes in blockchain-based traceability solutions, bolstering transparency throughout the food supply chain. By enhancing traceability, TAG ONE ensures that food safety incidents can be swiftly identified and addressed, reducing risks for all stakeholders.




Bio2coat, 🇪🇸 an alumnus of  Spain FoodTech, Eatable Adventures accelerator, focuses on enhancing food safety through innovative packaging solutions. They develop biopolymer coatings and films that act as barriers against contaminants, extending the shelf life of products and minimizing food waste. These sustainable packaging innovations contribute to safer food storage and transportation. Their products are 100% natural, reduce plastic consumption, and fight waste. 


To sum up, through innovation, technology, and collaboration, these companies are making strides toward a safer and more secure food ecosystem. Their contributions span pathogen detection, packaging solutions, crop management, freshness preservation, and transparent supply chains, ultimately safeguarding the well-being of consumers and the integrity of the global food industry.

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