Deliveroo is launching contactless delivery amid corona outbreak

Deliveroo have launched a contact-less delivery service where customers can choose for delivery drivers to carry out a process to ensure there is no contact between them when food is delivered. This entails the delivery person placing the bag on the customer doorstep, steeping back at least one meter and waiting for the customer to open the door and collect the food. Deliveroo was launched back in 2013 in London and has experienced success in the meal delivery market ever since. It operates in more than 500 towns, cities and countries.

Other players in the market have also launched the same contactless options for their customers to help them cope with the corona virus outbreak. For example, India-based Swiggy and Zomato now allow users to ask delivery people to leave their food on the doorstep.

What else are companies doing to help users among the corona outbreak? Find out @TechinAsia 

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