Accelerating the growth of the food industry: harnessing the power of open innovation

Open Innovation can be described as being the relationship which exists between startups and larger corporations established to accelerate innovation and business growth using more agile and efficient methodologies than when businesses work alone.

This formula has been gaining increasingly more traction over the years, as it has established itself as a powerful way to attract talent and develop more disruptive business models. One of said formulas is what we call Corporate Venturing, aka. the streamlining of innovative processes within larger businesses through the introduction of more agile startups. This method allows larger teams to create a more close relationship with their end users.

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of welcoming Mondelēz International and Sainsbury’s to our webinar with partners Eatable Adventures, two industry pioneers who offered their insights into the benefits of open innovation from their direct professional experiences.

Watch the full video here if you missed it!

But it doesnt stop there, after our webinar we realised how important open innovation really was for the growth of both startups and larger companies and knew we had to delve deeper into the topic. Our partners at Eatable are lucky enough to work with two of the largest corporations in the food sector; Alianza Team® and Calidad Pascual who have both harnessed the power of open innovation and reaped the benefits.

Alianza Team® is a leading Colombian company in the food sector, which is committed to the development of the future of food and works to create lipid-based food-tech products and solutions with high nutritional components.

They are currently launching a call for projects; Hack the Food System, which seeks the most disruptive foodtech startups across the lipids ecosystem capable of providing innovative solutions to new challenges we now face in the food system. If you think you have what it takes you can apply here! 

Calidad Pascual aims to “Give their all for the future of food” to provide consumers with food products and services that help improve the well-being of society.

Through Pascual Innoventures you can immerse yourself in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and create alliances with startups that share their philosophy; all while anticipating global food needs. 

*CALLING ALL SPANISH SPEAKERS* Want to learn more about the power of open innovation? In Eatable Adventures next webinar “Accelerating the growth of the Food Industry: The power of open innovation”, which takes place next Thursday June 18th at 5:00 p.m. CET, we will be joined by Sejal Ravji, Open Innovation Director at Calidad Pascual; María Paula Ríos, Innovation & Strategy Director at Team Foods and José Luis Cabañero, CEO & Founder of Eatable Adventures, to share their companies experiences in open innovation.

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