BLOG: the importance of building a resilient food system amid COVID19

One thing the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us is that our traditional food supply chain is outdated and in need of reform. It´s shown us just how dependent it is on human labour and how industries need to understand that switching to digital is key for the future.

The pandemic has swept across each industry and affected many parts of our food supply. Many industries have suffered labor shortages, new regulations and health hazards for workers, and to push past this bump in the road we need to spread digitalization across each part of the supply chain. At Food Entrepreneurs we tend to say that “capital changes markets” and during the last few years investors have realized there is big potential for raising and breeding better food for humans. Investments in AgriFood Tech startups have registered 43% year-over-year growth yet Agrifood is one of the last sectors to go online. This needs to change.

In our next blog post we talk all things digital in the Agrifood sector: the solutions, the challenges and the landscape for our digital future food.

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