Imagine eating your straw after finishing your drink – well now you don’t have to

The evolution and effects of sustainable straws has been palpable in the last few years – one hundred and fifty years ago came the ryegrass straw, then the paper straw and finally the plastic straw, that Americans now use half a billion of a day, much to the chagrin of the environment.

Although plastic straws may seem semi-useful for a few minutes, they are often thrown away and end up in our waterways, which is probably why there is more plastic in the ocean than fish.

That is where the motivation for this straw came from – to create a sustainable alternative is is as compostable as the original rye straw, with the same durability as plastic.

Introducing Lolistraw – the new straw you can actually eat! Which leaves no trace on our environment or oceans. The startup started making edible cups and then moved onto straws when they realized how much of a threat they were to the environment. They’re made from a seaweed-based material thats more like plastic but like their edible cups, can be made with a flavour and added with nutrients.

The plastic straw–useful for a few minutes before it’s tossed, often to end up escaping into waterways–is one of many reasons why some estimate that there may be more plastic in the ocean than fish, by volume, in under three decades. It’s inspired anti-straw activism. It also inspired designers to come up with a straw as compostable as the original rye, but with the sturdiness of plastic.

Called Lolistraw, it offers a cool new feature: When you’re done sipping your drink, you can eat the straw.

“From our perspective, the way to get our community involved, and the way to get the world excited about this new innovation is to embrace the fun,” says Chelsea Briganti, co-founders of Loliware.

Learn more about this edible straw and where you can find it @BusinessInsider 

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