Immunity boosters: the rise of immunity boosting startups during covid

Immunity is now top-of-mind for consumers due to covid, as they now seek out products which offer added health benefits.

AI-powered food intelligence startup Tastewise reported that shoppers are now looking for ways to stay healthy and lower stress through their food choices. The Israeli-based company found that “immunity” in relation to food searches rose 27% between February 2019 and March 2020. With this new squeeze of consumer-pivoting behaviour, there is now a comfortable white space in the health & wellness market for startups that can offer these types of solutions.

In our latest blog post we pooled together just a few of the young companies that are offering immunity-boosting advantages with their solutions. Read the full post here.

How I Stay Vital with Vital Proteins - Tasty Yummies

Sales Growth

As consumer interest in protein moves beyond one-dimensional goals like weight loss and to improved health and life longevity many startups are jumping at the chance to offer more innovative solutions to consumers.

Vital Proteins, which develops collagen-supplemented powders and capsules, has experienced a staggering 50% rise for its offering of “better for you” products amid the coronavirus, according to a recent Forbes report. *image courtesy of Vital Proteins

Taika | Product Reviews |


When it comes to beverage brands, those with wellness connotations will be enjoying increased success as consumers become more concerned about their health. Taikas canned offering combines caffeine and stress-relieving ingredients.

With people dealing with the stresses of lockdown life, they are now seeking comfort in the food brands they buy. Products like Taikas coffee can help soothe nervous minds and we wouldnt be surprised if more companies started producing these types of stress-relievers as lockdown continues. *Image courtesy of Taika

YUNO Launches "BioTactical Drinks" to Provide Daily, Personalized ...

New launches 

The immunity space seemed to dominate May launches with Taikas canned offering and  Yunos new suite of Biotactical Drinks. These superfood packaged goods are designed to optimize relaxation and energy. They are keto-friendly and vegan-friendly, which will please a lot of new consumers who are looking to go plant-based during the pandemic. *Image courtesy of Yunos

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