Soft drinks fight to stay relevant during COVID19

As always drinks companies are constantly transforming their marketing efforts and budgets to adjust to changing customer habits and demands. And this hasn´t changed amid the current outbreak. So the question is; will these new efforts work?

In the soft drinks category marketing budgets and plans are being shifted as some companies crack down on the lockdown lifestyle while others are supporting the fight against covid19. Big names like Coca Cola and Pepsico have already launched communication strategies to better allign with the pandemic.

Earlier this month Seattle-based Jones Soda announced its plan to sponser an e-sports  motor racing competition, as physical events were being cancelled. However, they may be a little late to the party as many big soft drink companies have already invested in the e-sports arena.

Investing in e-sports allows these brands to reach the number of sports fans looking for an alternative to their favourite events.  Some companies are even further ahead. Take Red Bull for example, that launched an e-sports channel way back in 2013. Perhaps the current predicament will teach companies to think ahead.

Red Bull however has another advantage up its sleeve as it offers itself as a lifestyle brand more than anything. They can flood their social media and online platforms with content from their e-sports channel and videos. Customers have been engaging with the brand from the comfort of their own homes for years. 

In short, those brands without Red Bulls enviable back-log will be looking for new ways to reach consumers. Any ideas?

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