The ultimate foodtech gift wishlist

I bet we all have THAT one friend who swears they´re a foodie, right? And who spends all their money on fancy tools and gadgets for their kitchen. Well, we thought we would show you the ultimate  food tech Christmas list to leave them speechless. We want you to spend your money wisely this year, so thats why we put together this short list of the ultimate foodtech gifts. You´re welcome!
Do you remember those good old times when you were at university and you had that one roommate who would always cook their chicken raw? What if you could find the perfect solution…how about a precision cooker that indicates the products temperature inside of any container?
Or what about a Moccamaster Filter Coffee Machine (229 euros). Help your friends save all that money they would usually spend in Starbucks and introduce them to the real world of coffee.
The History of Moccamaster: 55 Years and 10 Million Coffee Makers Sold | European Coffee Trip
Talking about coffee have you heard of Ember and their high-tech coffee mug that lets you regulate your drink’s temperature using an app? Yes, the future is here. And at only $80 it makes for the perfect gift for your coffee loving friends. No need to microwave your cold drink now!

Ember Special Edition Copper Temperature Control Mug |

Dont know any caffeine lovers? Well, there are other gifts too. One of the most popular presents 2020 introduced us to is the Click and Grow Smart Garden (99.95 euros), which lets you grow your own fresh herbs (perfect for another lockdown!).

Click and Grow smart garden review - YouTube

Tech lets us be just about anything now, farmers..bakers..whats next? Lets be honest, one thing the pandemic has taught us is that we are all bakers, and that’s why a KitchenAid mini stand mixer (199 euros) could be the perfect solution to your amateur baker friend’s stale bread. Or maybe you want to treat yourself this year?

Testing Mini Stand Mixers | Cook's Illustrated
Baking bread is a known stress reliever but we´re sure that even the best bakers out there all come up against the same frustrations of store-bought flour. We know that graining machines can be expensive but we´ve found an economic solution: the NutriMill harvest grain mill ($229), the countertop device to grind wheat, oats, rice and other grains. The best part? Each one is crafted with sustainably sourced bamboo.

Nutrimill Harvest Electronic Grain Mill » Gadget Flow

Want another contribution to your kitchens countertop or know someone who does? There will be no other device your friends or family will use more if you gift them with this cute li’l egg cooker ($30). No need for pots of boiled water, no fussing around trying to get the timing right, the Dash Rapid Egg Cooker delivers perfectly cooked eggs. And not just that, its also lightweight (1lb) and easy-to-store. Just fill the included cup to the right level with water and pour it into the machine. Pierce your eggs, cover up and 15 minutes later, voila!!

Dash rapid egg cooker review: Is it worth your money? - Reviewed Ovens & Ranges
Or maybe you want to spend the big bucks and invest in the Breville Pizzaiolo oven ($800) which lets you not only cook up a pizza in less than 90 seconds but also emulate your favorite pizza styles. Do you prefer wood fired or Chicago style? You can have both!

The Smart Oven Pizzaiolo - Breville - YouTube
And we think we have saved the best for last! Know someone who might need some inspiration for meal planning? These Foodie Dice ($24) are a good all-around gift people will enjoy. The set comes with five wooden dice that have protein, grain, herb and cooking-method options, with the rest of the dice featuring veggies. According to the product description, there are 186,000 possible combinations and at least it injects a bit of fun into cooking.

Foodie Dice
There is always time and space when it comes to food so these are great gift ideas for not only your older but also younger siblings or friends. With these, you are not only gifting tools but experiences and learning!

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