UK recipe box boom amid Covid19: how are key players dealing with demand?

Prior to the outbreak of the virus, the recipe box industry had been on a winning streak. In 2017 it was valued at $2.3 billion and with an increase in demand for home delivered food and a growing working population, the sector was only getting bigger.
Over the past few months recipe box companies in countries where the sector is almost fully developed, like the UK and US, have experienced unprecedented demand for their services and have had to come up with new and innovative ways to keep up with more and more orders.

Image courtesy of Mindful Chef

UK-based food delivery service Mindful Chef has seen a huge spike in demand since the outbreak of the virus as consumers become increasingly dependent on food delivery services. The same can be said for fellow UK-based food deliverer Gousto which is expecting to deliver over 380,000 meals across the UK this month.

Founder of Pasta Evangeslists, Allesandro Savelli, a startup that delivers fresh pasta to households across the UK, believes that the current increase in orders is due to people spending so much time on their computers and mobiles and reported to Food Navigator that the conversion rate through laptops has been especially higher during this time.

So why is demand for recipe boxes so high?

As explained by Mr. Savelli, demand is particularly high for these types of services due to the amount of people in lockdown at home. They are now not only increasing in their basket spend but ordering differently, too. People may be ordering more food but for more people. And instead of ordering a few items every week they now order more items than usual every two weeks. It´s also important we remember that they may be gifting food to other members of their family or for those more vulnerable who want to avoid leaving their houses like parents or grandparents.

Pivoting business models & operations 

Due to this unexpected spike in demand, recipe box suppliers need to respond fast. This includes increasing staff across the board; Mindful Chef for example have doubled their staff and have created a customer service support team.

Image courtesy of Pasta Evangelists 

Pasta Evangelists are training their new staff to deliver contactless free delivery and are employing more hygiene specialists.

Key challenges 

Apart from responding fast and increasing staff numbers, what else can recipe box providers do to adapt effectively to new demand?

Mindful Chef reminds us that its important to ensure that suppliers are able to keep up with new demand and Pasta Evangeslists CEO would add that ensuring a safe work environment for staff is also imperative.

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