WEBINAR: The rise of D2C food startups

Roll up, roll up! We just launched our first international webinar! Our partner company Eatable Adventures launched a series of international webinars last May 7th with the aim of providing insights from the main leaders in the food industry from across the globe, where we cover the most relevant issues currently facing the food industry.

In our first webinar of the series; “The rise of D2C Food startups”, we hosted a number of important agents from the D2C world  including Emna Neifar, Chief Commercial Officer at Cortilia and Ivan Farnet, Founding Partner at Five Seasons Ventures, where they came together to share their visions and opinions with José Luis Cabañero, CEO of Eatable Adventures on the present and the future of the D2C model and the fundamental role that food startups play in its propagation. 

On defining D2C models and how startups are innovating

  • D2C models are the answer to a now more demanding consumer: delivered through storytelling on things like origin, process, environmental & social impact.
  • In these models the service part of the operation is as important as the product side of things: this will make all the difference against competition.
  • They have brought in a lot of the techniques and mindsets from the digital world.

On the benefits and barriers of D2C models

  • They allow us to access consumer information in an era where data is essential: “Optimization will become a religion” according to Ivan Farneti.
  • Startups overcome consumer mistrust barriers by developing a solid relationship with producers, creating consumer communities, and applying the correct communication.

On how COVID19 is affecting the development of these models

  • The experience of convenience and quality will have an inelastic effect. People who have used these platforms for the first time will use them again in the future.
  • A D2C startups response amid COVID is defined in three phases: React, Adapt and Disrupt.

Couldnt attend? Check out the video HERE!

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