Israeli startups: solving new challenges in the food industry

One thing that we have learnt from the COVID19 crisis is the need to build a more resilient food system, highlighted by tensions at labor level, obstacles with goods transportation and logistics and stock breaks in supermarkets across the globe. These changes are transforming consumers needs and behaviours as we speak. Users are becoming increasingly concerned about the transparency of goods; where they come from, how they are made and the way in which they are delivered. So the question is; how can we improve our food system in order to adapt to these new challenges?

Did you know that the Israeli entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem is the second most renowned in the world, coming closely behind Silicon Valley? During these times, its ecosystem has been offering us various solutions to adapt to this new reality by applying food technology across the board. 

During the current climate its almost imperative that we build a more sustainable production system. Vertical Field are developing a smart farming technology that allows for the integration of nature into our urban lifestyle – in both indoor and outdoor environments – while enhancing human health. 

As well as offering solutions that avoid harming our planet, we also need to look at how we can facilitate food delivery.

Technology is the main agent that can help greatly facilite the delivery of food. Kitchen Robotics focus on automating the cooking process for delivery only kitchens (AKA “dark kitchens”) i.e. food that is prepared at separate takeaway locations rather than a restaurant. This solution is ideal for separating consumers and operational staff.

SRP Analytics is currently working with leading food manufacturers and distributors in Israel which are using SRP’s unique platform – mobile-first merchandising app – on a daily basis in more than 1,500 stores. And guess what? The use of SRP has proven to increase the revenues of both parties by 10%!

But what about new food preservation and freshness control technologies? A pressing issue in the last few years has been food waste so what can we do to minimize it? 

Evigence Sensors solves the challenges of the freshness lifecycle in the brand-through-consumer delivery chain thanks to the development of the next generation of visual freshness sensors, which empower handlers and users to make far more informed decisions as to the freshness of their products. 

Our partners at Eatable Adventures want to answer the questions to the challenges we now face as a food system and have pooled together the most disruptive startups in the Israeli ecosystem for their next webinar “Israeli startups Showcase: Solving New Challenges in the Food Industry” in collaboration with the Economic and Commercial Mission in the Israeli Embassy in Spain and the Israel Export Institute.

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