Oat milk sales now make up 14% of the milk category

Vegan milk is fastest becoming the most popular segment of the plant-based milk category, offering sales which now account for 14% of the entire milk category with sales in the US growing by 686% in 2019 – and more than 1,946% over the past two years.Trade group Plant Based Food Association (PBFA) and advocacy group The Good Food Institute (GFI) commissioned market research firm SPINS to compile data about the US food industry across 52 weeks, ending in December 2019. SPINS discovered that the plant-based food industry is now worth $5 billion overall, with plant-based milk now accounting for 14% of sales in the milk category as a whole. 

Almond milk unsurprisingly remains the most popular vegan milk among consumers, with $1.3 billion in sales, but oat milk ($84 million in sales) is the fastest growing milk option in the plant-based milk category—it grew 5% during only the research period while dairy milk sales remained pretty stagnant. 

Shifting consumer values have created a favorable market for plant-based foods, which have significantly outpaced overall grocery sales increases for three years running, making plant-based foods a growth engine for both manufacturers and retailers,” Caroline Bushnell – GFI Associate Director of Corporate Engagement.

cup of latte beside oat barista box
This is really only the beginning: plant-based foods will continue to expand rapidly across the store in response to demand as consumers increasingly switch to foods that match their changing values and desire for more sustainable options. We expect further acceleration in 2020.”

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