Singapore Emerges as the Food Tech Leader of Asia

In a recent report Asia has been cited as the continent to watch when it comes to alternative protein, and Singapore seems to be leading this driving force. 

The Singapore government has invested $100 billion in preparation for the effects of climate change. Due to Singapore being a heavily urban city they import 90% of their food from the outside, and in efforts to battle the climate crisis they plan on increasing self-sufficiency and producing 30% of their own food locally by 2030. To help with this a clean meat lab was opened in Singapore last year and it was announced that the government would be investing $535m to help revolutionise its economy which included $144m for food-related innovations and development. 

Singapore is however already littered with a number of innovative food tech startups and corporations, from Shiok meats cell-based shrimp to Turtle Tree Labs lab-grown breast milk, there is no shortage of alternative protein business. In September last year Germi8, an agritech investment company was launched by a team of biotech, ag machinery and foodtech entrepreneurs, to help fund and foster the growth of foodtech startups in the world of alt proteins. 

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