Podcast: Yumpa Bar’s Tomasso Cazzaniga tells us why we should all be eating crickets

Ready or not, insect-based food is coming… and we speak to Yumpa, the startup who are leading this revolution

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Ready or not, insect-based food is coming. And we took the topic head on as we spoke to Tomasso Cazzaniga of leading cricket-based snack startup YUMPA based in the UK. YUMPA is an all-natural bar, made from Cricket powder. They are additive-free and environmentally friendly.

Now, while for many, eating insects is still a bit of a squeamish topic, we discussed why this type of product could be the future of the new food revolution, and how Yumpa is radically changing people’s perceptions of eating crickets.

For those of you who aren’t yet familiar with the brand, Yumpa was created in 2015 by Next Step Foods Ltd, after a group of British food pioneers decided to radically explore the future of food sustainability. Yumpa was therefore born, both out of the desire to find new, honest ingredient based products and to offer consumers a sustainable snack like never before!

Many of us still might shy away from eating such products, but Tomasso was very sure that once we try them and we understand the good they have to offer, we will soon forget the real constitution of the bars, which are increasingly more popular among the younger eaters. They also have more products in production and although he couldn’t disclose any specific information, he says they should be hitting our shelves soon, so stay tuned!

So, what is the future shaping up to look like in the cricket-based industry according to the expert himself? Well, he says we can expect a number of insect-based products coming soon, including flour and pasta and encourages those enthusiastic entrepreneurs who want to join the industry to act quick as with new players entering every day, the market will soon become crowded. Yumpa is just the start; an all-natural bar that is environmentally friendly and offers us a simple list of ingredients, and the best part? There are no weird words you won’t recognize, and it just happens to taste great, too!

Why is Yumpa so innovative? A planet-friendly bar wrapped in a compostable film, which Tomasso can confidently say is one of its kind, and not to be compared with other players in the insect-based market. Check out their different flavored bars on their website.

Tomasso Cazzaniga is the manager of Next Step Foods Ltd, based in London. His favourite food? The vegan pizza at the whole foods market & a tea leaf salad (when he can find it!)

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