Vegan salmon brand expands to the UK

Dutch brand Vegan ZeaStar is launching its alternative salmon in retailers and restaurants across the United Kingdom through the Asian foods JFC distributor. It first launched at retailer Jumbo Food Market in Groninigen, the Netherlands, and the products are made by vegan Finest Foods BV. The products combine Omega 3-rich oils with tapioca starch and glucose from seaweed, which allows the products to mimic the taste and texture of fish.

Zeastar co-founder explains how people are increasingly moving towards plant-based options:

“Reasons are diverse: health, ecological footprint, climate change which is largely attributed to the meat, fish, and dairy industry and overfishing—scientific reports are stating increasingly alarming numbers on fish stocks, implying that if fishing continues as [it does] now, oceans will be empty by 2048”.

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