BLOG: 6 startups embracing D2C e-commerce & winning

We have seen some radical changes in the way people shop over the past few months. The dynamics to getting food on the table have altered dramatically, with long-queues, self-distancing rules and empty shelves, the shopping experience has become a nightmare for most, with many turning to online grocers for help.

Direct-to-consumer (D2C) services are nothing new in the food tech industry, but have recently offered an extra lifeline to young companies struggling through the pandemic, with access to new consumers, cashflow boosts and the growth of new categories. Even big names like Pepsico are investing in online marketplaces as direct-to-consumer sales hot up, starting with the acquisition of Be & Cheery, the online snacks e-commerce.

COVID19 seems to be leading the way for a new wave of innovation and who is at the forefront of this change? Startups! Large corporations may find solace in the disruptive ideas and coping mechanisms of young startups who are used to pivoting quickly and efficiently in a crisis. Check out our blog post on the 6 leading startups that are embracing e-commerce and winning amid covid19. 

No clue? No problem. Our partners at Eatable Adventures will be delving deeper into the D2C model and what kind of opportunities it will present after the crisis. This Thursday May 7th join their webinar on “The rise of DTC Food Startups” in which will discover how this model has changed during COVID and how it will be developed in the future, inviting a number of key guest startups like Italian e-commerce leader Cortilia and their CMO Emna Neifar, as well as Ivan Farneti, Founding Partner of Five Seasons, an investment fund that boasts several food tech companies under its wing.

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