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5 Great Plant based TV Commercial Examples

Who said television ads are dead? Here are five must watch plant based tv commercial examples showcasing the power of these brands.

As the plant-based industry keeps growing, it is becoming increasingly available and visible to the public both physically and virtually. Indeed we see plant-based products in stores more frequently and with more variety than we did only a few years ago. Also, advertising has been more present with an important media presence, showcasing the often modern, colorful, fun and eye-catching branding.

Some of these brands that became powerhouses in the food industry have now dabbled into TV ads! This is a huge achievement since big companies that can afford a few seconds of screen time take up TV spots. It goes to show how the plant-based sector is growing and that although online presence is crucial, offline advertising is still very relevant.

Here are some of the recent plant based tv commercial examples that stand out for their creativity and catchiness, stating the agency behind them. 

Silk – Milk of the Land

By Lightning Orchard


Silk is already a well established brand in the american market, selling a variety of plant based products, especially known for their almond milk. They have just launched their new ad showing the process of making almond milk, from harvesting the almond to its final product. Sounds boring? Well the ad is really the opposite. There is a very catchy soundtrack and lyrics that I’m sure will be stuck in your head after a few times listening to it.


Oatly – No Cow, SuperBowl Ad

By Forsman & Bodenfors

This ad was actually created a few years ago but was played at the Super Bowl this year. It’s 16 seconds of Oatly’s CEO singing a song of his own creation in the middle of an oat field. “What on earth?” Yeah, we thought the same thing. It seems absolutely random but it’s exactly the type of content that will make people talk; hence why it’s in this list.

Oatly in general has a fantastic communication strategy and we encourage you to do a little research on it.


Heura – Cena

By &Rosàs

Heura’s new ad is a cute animation telling a story voiced by a child who wants for dinner a world where the air is clean, the water free of pollution and humans and animals are friends. As an answer to that, her father will prepare a meal with Heura. It’s short, sweet and to the point; showcasing the brand’s values but not in a pushy way.


Impossible Foods – We Love Meat

By Wieden+Kennedy


Impossible Foods markets themselves as a red meat substitute, making its plant based burger meat look and taste exactly like the animal counterpart in an effort to convert meat-eaters into eating this vegan product. That’s exactly what they communicated in their brand new ad “We Love Meat”, talking directly to meat-lovers. We can’t wait to try it once it arrives in Europe!


Beyond Meat – What If We All Go Beyond

By Mythology


Beyond Meat’s first national TV ad was voiced over by Olivia Spence, a famous Hollywood actress, and included a well-known athlete in the US. It took a more educational and informative tone, showing a variety of different people and posing the questions ‘what if…?’ only to end the ad with the message that the answers already exist and it’s Beyond Meat.


We are so excited to see this industry grow and communicate creatively with their audience and we can’t wait to see the next great plant based tv commercial this year!


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