Cell-cultured meat: building community, safety and brands with Isha Datar

Welcome to a new episode of the Red to Green podcast with Isha Datar from New Harvest, talking about consumer acceptance, marketing strategies, and more.

We are excited to renew our media partnership with Red to Green for Season 3! 

Red to Green is a Podcast founded by Marina Schmidt, dedicated to providing content on sustainable food innovations. What sets Red to Green apart from other food tech podcasts is that instead of adopting the more common approach of each episode discussing different topics, they chose a storytelling approach. Indeed, Red to Green grouped their conversations by seasons of about 12 to 14 episodes, each season covering one theme at a time. Organizing the podcast this way allows for a deeper and better understanding of the designated topic and to build up the audience’s knowledge towards the following subjects.

Season 1 encompasses different aspects about cultured meat and cellular agriculture, from introducing it to what it is and why it is revolutionary to hearing the perspectives of investors and consumer adoption.

Season 2 moves towards a conversation surrounding plastic alternatives and sustainable food packaging. We hear from experts and innovators in the field differentiating between different types of sustainable packaging, greenwashing, recycling and much more.

Season 3 is all about understanding how to promote alternative proteins and consumer acceptance.

Episode 2 with Isha Datar, the executive director of New Harvest

Isha Datare New Harvest

Episode 2 is a conversation with Isha Datar, the executive director of New Harvest. New Harvest is a non-profit funding, academic research, shaping the safety conversation, and directing the future of cellular agriculture. Isha has co-founded Perfect Day making milk without cows and Clara Foods, making eggs without chicken.

Marina and Isha touch upon several topics surrounding cultured meat consumer acceptance, marketing strategies, nomenclature, creativity, branding, influencers and more.

Isha explains that there is a lot of room for improvement when it comes to communication. She puts a lot of emphasis on moving away from traditional strategies and towards a more creative approach. Instead of letting past trends dictate how communication should be carried out, she suggests right from the start to spot your target audience and give them the microphone to publicize your brand or product.

They also discuss how consumer acceptance is not just about marketing but also transparency, self-governance and accountability.

When asked about branding, Isha shares that she is a little reluctant about everything being IP protected, how it limits the expansion to other markets and a fear of westernizing food globally.

This is a very interesting conversation, mostly about marketing, communication and branding in the cell-based and plant-based worlds. We highly recommend that you listen to this thought-provoking podcast


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