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What’s driving the meat alternatives sector?

We are proud partners of The Plant Base, the first B2B magazine in the food and beverage industry solely dedicated to the plant-based sector.

We are proud media partners of Foodbev Media who recently launched their brand new magazine, The Plant Base. 

Thanks to our collaboration, you can get a 20% discount on all subscriptions using our code: EATAD20. You can either buy previous editions of the magazine or subscribe to the semestral version.

The Magazine

The Plant Base is the first B2B magazine in the food and beverage industry solely dedicated to the plant-based sector. It provides readers with unrivaled insights into the current developments across the area, as well as an essential guide to the future of the segment.

Published six times a year, The Plant Base covers compelling subjects such as plant-based meat and dairy alternatives; ingredients for plant-based products; bio-packaging; the future of farming; and much more.

Each issue of The Plant Base features innovations, news, in-depth exclusive features, market research, expert insights, and more – helping you to keep up with one of the industry’s most exciting and fast-evolving markets.

Issue 1

The first issue is about Taste & Texture and the rise of the global meat alternatives market.

The publication begins with recent plant-based innovations such as the launch of the vegan KitKat, and Eat Just’s sous-vide eggs. It also features many other brands launching plant-based products. This section is quite in-depth, with eight pages fully focused on these innovations. 

Next, you will find an extensive list of industry news, from company acquisitions to investments to expansions to partnerships and much more. This section also includes an article about Redefining Meat in which they talk about the exponential growth of plant-based meat alternatives. In addition, they explain the global shift happening in this sector as ethical and environmental concerns continue to accelerate in the upcoming years. About taste and texture, The Plant Base explains the importance of the sensory experience being similar to the animal products and the challenges attached to achieving it.

Then, we move on to the challenges in formulating dairy alternatives. Following is the demand for natural, healthy foods by the consumers.

The next section is dedicated to disruptive startups in the food and beverage industry from all over the world. It also comes with a summary of what each startup does.

If you sometimes struggle to differentiate between the terms plant-based and vegan, there are a couple of pages describing the origin of both expressions, their evolution, and environmental impact.

Finally, the magazine issue ends with relevant events that might be of interest to the readers.

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