The 8th issue of The Plant Base: Recipe for Success

The Plant Base is the first B2B magazine in the food and beverage industry solely dedicated to the plant-based sector.

The Plant Base by Foodbev Media

Issue 8: Plant-based meat shows its muscle 


We are proud media partners of Foodbev Media who recently launched their new magazine, The Plant Base. 

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The PlaThe Plant Basent Base is the first B2B magazine in the food and beverage industry solely dedicated to the plant-based sector. It provides readers with unrivaled insights into the current developments across the area and an essential guide to the future of the segment.

Published six times a year, The Plant Base covers compelling subjects such as plant-based meat and dairy alternatives; ingredients for plant-based products; bio-packaging; the future of farming; and much more.

Each issue of The Plant Base features innovations, news, in-depth exclusive features, market research, expert insights, and more – helping you to keep up with one of the industry’s most exciting and fast-evolving markets.

The 8th issue of The Plant Base examines the latest innovations in the meat and dairy alternatives market, business news from across the plant-based sector, new product releases, and as usual, two interesting interviews with experts and leaders in food tech in which they discuss their opinion on certain topics, and how they’ve overcome new obstacles the industry has presented them. 

Regarding Plant-based innovations and new product releases, the magazine includes the launch of the “high-performance” plant-based yogurt base that the members of the innovation platform Mista co-created, the announcement of SimpliiiGood partnership with IFF to develop spirulina-base salmon, the new Vega Safepro culture range to keep plant-based meat safe and fresh for longer, the addition of steak to the Meatless Farm portfolio, and much more! 

This month’s interviews are represented by Jaime Athos, CEO, and president of Tofurky, and the Marketing Officer of Nature’s Fynd, Karuna Rawal. 

Firstly, Jaime Athos discusses his view on why it is important to protect the sector from so-called “plant-based censorship”. The rapid expansion of the meat and dairy alternatives market has been coupled with a push to introduce legal restrictions on the terminology such products can use, and in this interview, he shares how he succeeded in challenging one such labeling law in the U.S.

Secondly, The Good Food Institute (GFI) has referred to fermentation as the “next pillar” of alternative protein. In Karuna Rawal’s interview, she explains what the fermentation process of Nature’s Fynd’s in this case, has products to offer as a player in the sector of nutritional fungi proteins.

Later, The Plant Base magazine takes a closer look at plant-based products in the confectionery aisle, how sweets consumers are turning their backs on animal-derived ingredients, and how the “mylk” chocolate is reimagining creaminess for non-dairy consumers. “Modern consumers increasingly expect their products to contain only ingredients they know and trust”.

Additionally, there is a sector dedicated to discussing the growth of clinical nutrition products behind plant-based diets. Across all segments of the food and beverage industry, the clinical nutrition market is no exception, as new formulations must match or exceed the benefits of existing offerings.

Last but not least, as this issue’s magazine topic indicates, The Plant Base Magazine talks about The Recipe For Success; from pigless bacon to cow-free steak, they examine the latest innovations from farm to kitchen in the meat alternative category to achieve authenticity in taste and texture of the new plant-based meals. 

As usual, the magazine also recommends two noteworthy events.

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