Online Events: the most important virtual offerings in FoodTech

At Food Entrepreneurs we understand that startups across the food tech space are currently chartering some very unpredictable times at the moment, so to make the journey just that little bit easier we put together a list of some of the platforms switching their events online. New events are being announced all the time so make sure you visit our events page to stay tuned for the most exciting virtual offerings. 

Our partner company Eatable Adventures are hosting a series of webinars on the benefits of working with startups during a crisis. In their next episode they delve into the power of open innovation and how startups and corporates alike can benefit from win-win collaborations. Join them on the 21st of May as they speak to pioneering companies in the foodtech space including Mondelez and Sainsbury’s. Sign up here. 

Last episode they delved into the rise of D2C startups and hosted a number of important agents from the e-commerce space including Emna Neifar, CCO of direct-to-consumer pioneer Cortillia and Ivan Farnet, founding partner of Five Seasons Ventures. Missed it? Don’t worry you can still catch the video here.

Another of our partners at Future Food Tech has also launched a series of webinars covering the food tech industry that are not to be missed:

Start-Up Showcase Webinar: 3 startups who were set to present in their physical event in San Francisco will be coming to the screen in their first Start-Up Showcase Webinar on the 28th of this month. They will welcome big names such as BCD Bioscience, Stratuscent and TurtleTree Labs, who will offer new solutions to transforming our food system. They will also be joined by investors Fifty Years and Joyance Partners.

Sign up here

Consumer Trends Webinar: as the consumer takes increasingly more control of the driver’s seat during this crisis Future Food will be hosting the only experts that matter to talk all things consumer trends in 2020, including Unilever, Motif Works and Leather Head Food who will deep-dive into new priorities for ingredient innovation. 

Sign Up here. 

As well as webinars they are also launching a series of interviews with some important agents from the industry, including Kris Wadrop, Director of Biotechnology at CPI. They delved into the integral role and potential of microbial technologies. Check out the interview here. They also hosted Ilan Samish, Founder and CEO at Amai Proteins to learn more about the role of regulators and the platforms we need to scale microbial technologies. You can read his full interview here.

 And if that wasnt enough they are also offering new podcasts episodes on the future of food, you can listen to their latest episode here where their friends Adam Lyle, Padang & Co, John Purcell, Craig Slavtcheff and Campbell’s Soup Company among others shared their experiences on inspiring R&D teams in order to create next gen products. 

Looking for their next in-person event? Future Food-Tech New York, due to take place next month, will now take place on December 2-3, 2020 at NewLab in New York.


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