6 visionary entrepreneurs who are revolutionizing the food industry

Every day at Food Entrepreneurs is entrepreneurs day, as we constantly pay homage to the brilliant minds who have built an empire from nothing. Entrepreneurship requires patience and sacrifice. Entrepreneurship means taking a risk and facing uncertainty. The life of an entrepreneur will be marked by decision making on a daily basis. From the very beginning, you will be tasked with constant problem solving. An entrepreneur must bring innovative ideas to the table that allow them to create products or services that change the way we live today, and, of course, transform our future. Not only is it about inventing things, but it is also about positively transforming things that already exist, it´s about seeking improvement and differentiation.

Here are the incredible stories of some of the most visionary personalities of the moment, the entrepreneurs that have been an important reference point for the food industry.


“There is no one formula for a successful startup. What works with one company, will likely not work for another. ”

Austin Allan is the brainchild & founder of Tio Gazpacho. Most of Austin’s career has been in startups. First in Spain, where he worked for Loving Barcelona, ​​a vacation rental company. Then, in Washington DC as Regional Manager of Alante Financial, a startup dedicated to helping Hispanic immigrants in the United States manage their finances. In 2012 he took the plunge and decided to launch his own company with the aim of marketing gazpacho in the United States: that is how Tío Gazpacho was born. A company that had instant success among retailers such as Amazon.com and Whole Foods. In addition, the product gained the attention of General Mills and the famous chef José Andrés, who went on to be investors and advisors of the company. In 2018, Austin sold the brand to a private company in Texas and focused on early food brand consulting.


“To create joy and empower people through amazing real food.”

To commemorate Women’s Entrepreneurs Day, we bring you the story of three young women who firmly believe that food should be synonymous with life and empowerment. To battle unhealthy lifestyles, Amy, Ching and Sabrina decided to create healthier food alternatives for the growing urban, ambitious and food conscious community in Asia. They started in their own little kitchen, manufacturing a classic range of mixtures of grain and nuts. Today, it´s now a small empire, with a small team of foodies working together to produce fresh and delicious food for the masses, using only the best ingredients. The result? Foods that nourish, strengthen and offer consumers the confidence to discover themselves and the vibrant world around them.


“Less waste, more taste.”

Dan & Dom are the founders of Sea Chips Ltd. Sea Chips was born from the passion of sharing snacks. Now, after tremendous growth, it´s a company that offers chips made with salmon skin rich in protein and omega 3. Sea Chips is more than just a healthy snack: every decision that Dan & Dom make meets the requirements of sustainable development on our planet and a lesson many other companies could learn from. So… where did the idea come from? Dan & Dom realized that almost half of all seafood caught in the United Kingdom was thrown away, so they decided to address this problem and combat food waste. They decided to utilize the skin, a part which is often thrown away, as they realized how rich in nutrients it was. In addition, they donate a portion of their proceeds to support marine conservation charities. Their vision is simple but powerful, to represent what a modern business should be: product-centered and ethically led.


“Mum & Dad, I don’t want to be a doctor I want to sell olives” – A genuine conversation I had with my parents in 2016 and one I am so glad I had! Don’t let your lightbulb moment just fizzle, even if it means taking risks or making changes, you never know where it can take you!

This is Olly, an innovative entrepreneur and olive lover. When he was little, his parents always told him that he looked like an olive (thanks to his round cheeks!). Olly’s Olives was born in Olly’s kitchen in London, where he began marinating olives at home and selling them at farmers markets. Now their snacks are available throughout the United Kingdom as well as around the globe, and you might even find them on airplanes and trains as well. Olly’s Olives combines the juiciest Greek olives with adorable little pouches, to keep them fresher for longer. The package doesn´t contain artificial ingredients, and they are completely vegan, with a shelf life of over 12 months. Olly defines his Olly’s Olives brand as a perfect and naturally healthy snack.


“Be spæcial”

Nacho Alonso is the founder and CEO of Moonwater. After almost 20 years at the helm of COMERCIAL UDRA, business groups for the distribution of fashion, footwear and sports brands in Spain and Portugal, Nacho decided to take a different path in his life to devote himself to more intimate projects, where he could apply his lengthy experience and knowledge, but in a more personal way. That was when he and Moonwater crossed paths. The brand came to him one day and even though it was just a fleeting idea, he fell in love with it straight away. He got cracking straight away and made his dream a reality. His hard work and effort paid off and on the full moon of October 5th, 2017, he and his team launched Moonwater into the market, from them on it has been unstoppable.


Giuseppe Scionti is the founder and CEO of Nova Meat. Currently, Giuseppe is focusing his activities on innovating the food system, through the development of new plant-based meat products. In 2018, he was presented as the inventor of the first meat substitute of plant origin, as well as 3D printed, in the world.

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