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Industry lobbying and communicating the hard things about animal agriculture with Irina Gerry

Find out how to communicate about animal agriculture and industry lobbying with Irina Gerry, CMO of Change Foods, in Red to Green's Ep 8.

We are excited to renew our media partnership with Red to Green for Season 3! 

Red to Green is a Podcast dedicated to providing content on sustainable food innovations, founded and hosted by Marina Schmidt. What sets Red to Green apart from other food tech podcasts is that instead of adopting the more common approach of each episode discussing different topics, they chose a storytelling approach. Indeed, Red to Green grouped their conversations by seasons of about 12 to 14 episodes, each season covering one theme at a time. Organizing the podcast this way allows for a deeper and better understanding of the designated topic and to build up the audience’s knowledge towards the following subjects.

Season 1 encompasses different aspects about cultured meat and cellular agriculture, from introducing it to what it is and why it is revolutionary to hearing the perspectives of investors and consumer adoption.

Season 2 moves towards a conversation surrounding plastic alternatives and sustainable food packaging. We hear from experts and innovators in the field differentiating between different types of sustainable packaging, greenwashing, recycling and much more.

Season 3 is all about understanding how to promote alternative proteins and consumer acceptance.

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Episode 8 features Irina Gerry, CMO at Change Foods, a precision fermentation food tech start-up, creating real dairy products, animal-free. We also interviewed Irina recently talking about her journey, you can check it out here.

In this episode, Marina and Irina discuss industry lobbying and communicating the hard things about animal agriculture. Some of the topics talked about are activism, science manipulation, and industry lobbying. Irina did not shy away from expressing her bold opinions which a few times opposed those shared in previous Red to Green episodes.

Regarding the changes happening in the food sector and consumer acceptance, Irina explains that as a species, humans are resistant to change. People living and working in this environment are in a bubble when it comes to agreeing that cellular agriculture is the future of food but outside of this bubble there will most likely be a lot of resistance.

Irina also offers a more in-depth explanation between the 3 pillars in the industry: plant-based, cell-based and precision fermentation; going into further detail into the fermentation pillar since Change Foods focuses on precision fermentation.

As also mentioned in previous episodes, Irina believes that the media often plays a role in the negative view of cell-based meat since the first impression transmitted to the mass population was the imagery of laboratory and fake meat, and that usually sticks to the people.

You will have to listen to the podcast to find out about other ideas Irina Gerry disagrees or agrees with, and her opinion on many other interesting topics!

The podcast is available here, and on other podcast platforms.

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