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The 6th issue of the Plant Base: Reimagining Eggs 

The Plant Base is the first B2B magazine in the food and beverage industry solely dedicated to the plant-based sector.

The Plant Base by Foodbev Media

Issue 6: Reimagining Eggs 

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The Plant Base is the first B2B magazine in the food and beverage industry solely dedicated to the plant-based sector. It provides readers with unrivaled insights into the current developments across the area, as well as an essential guide to the future of the segment.

Published six times a year, The Plant Base covers compelling subjects such as plant-based meat and dairy alternatives; ingredients for plant-based products; bio-packaging; the future of farming; and much more.
Each issue of The Plant Base features innovations, news, in-depth exclusive features, market research, expert insights, and more – helping you to keep up with one of the industry’s most exciting and fast-evolving markets.

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The 6th issue of the Plant Base discusses plant-based innovations, new product releases, and industry news across the entire plant-based sector. As part of its commitment to building a sustainable food system, the magazine features two outstanding interviews with innovation leaders, explaining their project’s mission and vision. Firstly with Pierre Pasier, CEO and Co-founder of Notpla, a company that uses seaweed as a biodegradable alternative to single-use plastic. And secondly Turner Wyatt, CEO, and Co-founder of Upcycled Food Association (UFA), a nonprofit dedicated to preventing food waste by accelerating the upcycled economy. Likewise, upcycling as a new and innovative way of creating a more circular food and beverage economy is discussed, highlighting startups such as Mycorena, Supplant Company, CaPao, and Caju Love

When it comes to plant-based innovations, the magazine features the release of the Chickpea protein-based egg white substitute by InnovoPro, the development of Yemoja company of the red microalgae formulation for mimicking meat juices, the 3D printed whole-cut vegan salmon fillet from Plantish, among many others innovation news. 

Regarding industry news, it involves Benson Holl’s acquisition of soy processor ZFS Creston, McCain Foods investment of $55 million in plant-based company Strong Root, Notpla closing €10 million in Series A financing round, Chinese plant-based meat start-up Starfield securing $100 million in Series B funding, along with other industry news. 

Next is the module that displays the magazine cover, Eggs reimagined, discussing the different innovative forms of plant-based eggs whether they are made from mung beans, chickpeas, or even from precision fermentation processes. Plant-based egg sales have grown 706% from $3 million in 2018 to $27 million in 2020, and are expected to increase in the coming years. “The burgeoning egg alternatives market is not only expanding the culinary horizon of vegans and those with allergies, but it is also good news for animals and the environment too.”

In a separate section, the magazine also investigates innovative plant-based solutions in the wine and beer industry. Wine and beer are often mistakenly viewed as vegan, when in fact most of these products’ production includes animal-derived substances such as gelatin, casein, albumin, or isinglass. Discover what this sector has to offer in terms of plant-based solutions in this chapter.

As usual, the magazine also recommends two events that are well worth attending.

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