Jack A Bobo

Startup vs. Corporate: should we stop bashing animal agriculture? With Jack A Bobo

A Red to Green podcast epiode with Jack A Bobo, psychology, food and agriculture expert, with controversial points of view.

We are excited to renew our media partnership with Red to Green for Season 3! 

Red to Green is a Podcast founded and hosted by Marina Schmidt, dedicated to providing content on sustainable food innovations. What sets Red to Green apart from other food tech podcasts is that instead of adopting the more common approach of each episode discussing different topics, they chose a storytelling approach. Indeed, Red to Green grouped their conversations by seasons of about 12 to 14 episodes, each season covering one theme at a time. Organizing the podcast this way allows for a deeper and better understanding of the designated topic and to build up the audience’s knowledge towards the following subjects.

Season 1 encompasses different aspects about cultured meat and cellular agriculture, from introducing it to what it is and why it is revolutionary to hearing the perspectives of investors and consumer adoption.

Season 2 moves towards a conversation surrounding plastic alternatives and sustainable food packaging. We hear from experts and innovators in the field differentiating between different types of sustainable packaging, greenwashing, recycling and much more.

Season 3 is all about understanding how to promote alternative proteins and consumer acceptance.

Red to Green Episode 4 Season 3 – An interview with Jack A Bobo

Jack A Bobo

Episode 4 centers on Startup vs. Corporate: stop bashing animal agriculture & the importance of industry acceptance. In this session, Marina speaks with Jack A Bobo, CEO of Futurity, a food foresight company at the intersection of food, technology and design. He is a psychology expert who has delivered more than 500 speeches in 50 countries and spent 20 years advising four US Secretaries of State on food and agriculture.

Both raised very interesting arguments and controversial points of view surrounding marketing in the food industry. They discussed the ethical component of how brands portray themselves which can lead to reactance from the consumer side; the halo effect; how brands should elevate their own product instead of bashing the opposition to see more positive effect; how the term ‘clean meant’ should no longer be used; trust and transparency; agriculture and deforestation; and so much more.

We highly recommend that you listen to this fascinating episode! You can find it here.

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