BLOG: Tips & tools for new D2C ecommerce businesses amid covid19

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Covid19 has been having an unprecedented effect on many facets of the food industry, specifically retail. With more people confined to their homes than ever before, its not surprising that their consumer needs and demands have changed. With an increase of people shopping online, the need for companies to develop a strong online presence has never been more important. Not only does it open up an untouched revenue stream, but it allows them to reach new consumers and take advantage of affordable marketing strategies.

As young companies reevaluate their business models and search for new and disruptive ways to pivot quickly and efficiently, the new online boom has even the biggest of names rethinking their operations; Amazon, the warehouse and delivery juggernaut, announced plans to take on 100,000 new workers. With big companies struggling with new demand, its the perfect opportunity for startups to swoop in and offer an extra channel for desperate consumers.

Many companies have already taken advantage of changing consumer habits, for plant-based meat startup The Meatless Co they realised their consumers were actively reassessing their health and how they can now positively impact the environment post pandemic, and launched a d2c channel solely to cater for this expected demand.

To learn more about the opportunities and barriers of switching to online during a crisis, we launched a series of webinars on the D2C model and in our first episode hosted one of the pioneers in the direct to consumer space; Cortilia alongside Five Seasons Ventures on the present and the future of the D2C model and how we can learn from startups moving forward. Missed it? Check out the video here. 

New to the D2C e-commerce space? Don´t worry we have you covered! At Food Entrepreneurs we have pooled together our learnings and knowledge from the D2C space and created your ultimate guide on tips & tools for winning at e-commerce during covid. Check it out here.





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