Innovators brewing change: The future of coffee

The coffee and cacao industries face sustainability and ethical challenges, driving innovation in transparency and accountability in sustainability in the coffee industry.

The coffee and cacao industries face sustainability and ethical challenges. As these industries grow, new startups emerge to address issues like environmental impact, carbon footprint, deforestation regulations, fair trade, and labor rights. Consumer awareness of sustainability in the coffee industry is increasing, demanding more transparency and accountability throughout the entire supply chain, including sourcing, production, and distribution.

The coffee industry stands out in the global market. According to Grand View Research, the global coffee market size was estimated at USD 461.25 billion in 2022 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.2% from 2023 to 2030. These numbers highlight the immense opportunities and challenges within the sustainability in the coffee industry.

Pioneering startups reshaping the landscape

In this article, explore 10 coffee startups, and discover the innovations, disruptions, and trends shaping the future of coffee. From bean to cup, these startups are redefining the possibilities of coffee, blending tradition with technology, and crafting a richer, more sustainable coffee culture for generations to come.




Atomo Coffee 🇦🇺 is a foodtech startup improving coffee taste and addressing the climate crisis by reinventing coffee. Through reverse-engineering the coffee bean, Atomo Coffee produces outstanding espresso using superfoods and upcycled ingredients like date seeds, lemon, and sunflower seeds to create “the world’s first beanless espresso”. Their ingredients include date pits that might otherwise be burned or discarded and caffeine left over from decaffeinated green tea, all locally sourced.




Demetria 🇨🇴 🇮🇱 is revolutionizing the coffee industry by pioneering the world’s first Quality and Traceability Data Cloud. Using cutting-edge near-infrared sensors and artificial intelligence, Demetria analyzes the biochemical markers of green coffee beans to create precise flavor profiles. This technology allows for accurate quality assessment and traceability throughout the coffee supply chain, empowering farmers, traders, and roasters with transparent and efficient methods. 



Incapto Coffee

Incapto Coffee 🇪🇸, based in Barcelona, is dedicated to transforming the coffee industry. They have developed a coffee bean that not only benefits the planet but also enhances the coffee-drinking experience. Say goodbye to capsules; Incapto Coffee offers authentic, flavorful coffee that awakens your senses. Their offerings include automatic coffee machines and a convenient coffee bean subscription system.




GoodNews 🇪🇸 began in 2020 by transforming a newsstand into a vibrant coffee kiosk. Their mission is to spread Good Vibes and Good Coffee to every neighborhood. Moreover, they started by giving away coffee in exchange for people sharing good news. Now, they create unique collaborations with international brands and promote positive impact through their food values: Good Coffee, Good Vibes, Good Health, and Good Planet. Additionally, as a B Corp brand committed to zero waste, they ethically source high quality coffee to generate Good Vibes and advocate for responsible consumption. 



Prefer Coffee

Prefer Coffee 🇸🇬 is revolutionizing the coffee industry by creating ground coffee without using coffee beans. Furthermore, Prefer uses fermentation methods to produce “bean-free coffee” from upcycled food like leftover bread, soy pulp, and spent grain. This innovative approach replicates the sensory experience of traditional coffee while reducing carbon dioxide emissions by ten times compared to conventional methods. In addition, Prefer offers a variety of coffee products, including decaffeinated, low-caffeine, and caffeinated cold brew, with customizable caffeine levels. 



North Coffee

North Coffee 🇸🇦 is a thriving Saudi-based company. They have 15 establishments across Saudi Arabia and plans to open 100 branches within three years. In addition to offering a wide range of coffee, desserts, and pastries. Additionally, they have the vibrant North Coffee Community Lab. It connects people with similar hobbies. Furthermore, North Coffee offers North Camping, catering to traveling entrepreneurs, and has been recognized as a finalist in the Grow Food & Beverage Accelerator, an initiative seeking innovative solutions in the food service sector. 


Coffee form

Coffee From

Coffeefrom 🇮🇹 is an innovative start-up with a social purpose. They transform coffee grounds from the food industry into new recycled and bio-based thermoplastics materials, creating innovative design products. This circular economy approach maximizes the use of coffee waste, turning it into new, expressive possibilities.  




Cupffee 🇧🇬 leads sustainable innovation with edible and biodegradable cookie cups, providing a tasty solution to disposable culture. The company won the Areas for Change Challenge, solidifying its position as a leader in sustainable solutions. Furthermore, their fully automated production processes yield zero waste, and they repurpose residual materials for further edible applications, showcasing their commitment to ecological integrity. 




NOUS 🇮🇹 is a biotech startup developing new ingredients for the F&B and Nutraceutical markets. Their first product, Mindave, is a healthy and sustainable alternative to caffeine, ready to be integrated into new clients’ products. Committed to a zero-waste approach, Nous repurposes production byproducts, promoting sustainability.


Mornoon coffee

Mornoon Coffee 

Mornoon Coffee 🇪🇸 is a socially and environmentally responsible startup providing 100% Arabica single-origin coffees. Furthermore, they focus on offering high-quality coffee while fostering environmental awareness. Their mission integrates sustainability in all operations, internally and externally, contributing to the ecological transition and societal well-being. In addition, Mornoon Coffee is also a part of the Madrid Food Innovation Hub community, reinforcing its commitment to innovation and sustainability.


Leading the way to a sustainable future

The coffee industry is undergoing a major transition. Foodtech coffee startups are pioneers reshaping the landscape through innovation and sustainability in the coffee industry. Driven by shifting consumer preferences and greater awareness of ethical sourcing, these startups are addressing industry concerns. They are leading the way toward a sustainable future.

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