Mercamadrid celebrates the Demo Day of the first international call for innovation

Mercamadrid, Spain’s largest platform for the distribution, commercialization, transformation, and logistics of fresh food, in collaboration with Eatable Adventures, selected five innovative proposals in the areas of logistics, sustainability, traceability, and packaging.

Madrid, June 28, 2023 – Mercamadrid, the largest fresh food distribution, commercialization, processing, and logistics platform in Spain, celebrates the Demo Day of its first international call for innovation, in partnership with the accelerator Eatable Adventures. The Smart Food Future Innovation Challenge is the first initiative carried out by the new Mercamadrid Innovation Hub, providing innovative solutions to real challenges posed by companies within Mercamadrid. The focus areas for this challenge were logistics, packaging, and waste valorization.

During this event, five startups showcased their proposals to companies, with a focus on optimizing transportation routes in terms of sustainability and cost, as well as identifying traceability systems for goods. In the packaging area, they presented proposals aimed at improving food preservation, extending shelf life, and considering sustainability factors. Lastly, the challenge also aims to valorize waste and food scraps by transforming them into raw materials or creating new products, which included exploring options for reusing packaging materials.


Startups and Innovative Solutions 

  • Etheclo is a Belgian IoT (Internet of Things) and supply chain company specializing in logistics, focusing on ensuring the proper, safe, and eco-friendly delivery of temperature-sensitive products to customers. They have developed an innovative insulated box that enables the transportation of temperature-sensitive goods over extended periods while maintaining their required conditions.
  • BooBoo is the first 100% digital logistics operator that provides a national transportation network to its customers. Through the use of Artificial Intelligence, they optimize package and pallet shipping processes, finding the best route for their clients in real time. 
  • Qaleon is a technology company that specializes in Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence solutions. Their core focus is on adding value to data by transforming raw information into actionable knowledge. They provide technological and business solutions to help companies maintain a competitive edge in the market.
  • Smart Monkey is a company that offers AI software solutions aimed at optimizing delivery and pickup routes. Their technology helps in reducing costs and decreasing CO2 emissions by more than 30%.
  • Ebs has a disruptive business model that revolves around micro-livestock farming of insects. Their unique approach directly impacts global sustainability by generating high-value bioactive products for animal feed and ecological fertilizer for agriculture. 


The selected startups now have an exceptional opportunity to collaborate closely with Mercamadrid, effectively applying their innovative solutions to meet the specific needs of Spain’s largest platform for the distribution, commercialization, transformation, and logistics of fresh food. This strategic collaboration will enable the startups to leverage Mercamadrid’s robust infrastructure and extensive logistics network, while also benefiting from its deep knowledge and expertise in the sector. By working together, the startups and Mercamadrid can drive meaningful advancements and create a positive impact on the fresh food industry.

This milestone propels Mercamadrid towards becoming an innovative ecosystem that brings global value to the entire fresh food sector.

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