Coop Denmark and InFarm are partnering to bring vertical farming to supermarkets near you

Supermarket giant Coop Denmark has recently announced plans to bring vertical farming to its Irma stores through a partnership with Germany-based InFarm. Its plans to introduce InFarms technology to 35 supermarket stores over the next few months, comes after a successful 2019 pilot.

InFarm is one of the many agtech startups out there using vertical farms to shorten the supply chain between farmer and consumer. This companies advanced tech farming pod can be used for supermarkets and restaurants and use a number of different hydroponics and software to automate the process of monitoring and managing crop growth.

They offer leafy greens which are also fresher and better for you, since they are grown “on-site”.

However, this isn’t the first time InFarm has brought its pods to supermarkets, as they were incorporated into Marks and Spencers stores in the UK last year as well as some Kroger outlets in the US.

InFarm may have some competition – it isn’t the only company trying to grow “better for you” greens closer to the consumer. Square Roots has partnered with Gorden Food Service, one of the largest Northern American distributor, to develop its vertical farms. And earlier this year it was announced that Freight Farms & Sodexo were collaborating to bring vertical farms to US schools.

Vertical farming might seem a long way off from being a part of our daily lives (and supermarket layout) but with these partnerships, we are getting closer and closer.

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