The panorama of Spain foodtech

Our partners at Eatable Adventures have recognized the importance of foodtech across the food sector in Spain; and have been working hard to prepare the first quantitative study ever carried out in their country on the state of Spanish foodtech. 

Their study attempts to answer some of the most crucial questions for specialized innovation in the agrifoodtech sector such as:
What is foodtech?
Along the food value chain, what are the greatest innovations taking place in our country?
How much investment is being injected into foodtech startups in Spain?
And more.

In 2019 the foodtech sector secured over $19.8 trillion in investment, according to the latest AgFunder report. The role of startups has had an increasingly bigger impact on the global food industry during the course of the pandemic, but… what about in Spain specifically? Thats exactly what Eatable wants to find out in their study, reporting that there are more than 400 startups within the Spanish Foodtech sector.

The report scours the complete Spanish foodtech sector, looking at areas such as food production and transformation as well as new direct-to-consumer channels, retail and distribution, and highlights why we need to support the development of startup innovation to create a more sustainable and solid foodtech sector in Spain, and worldwide.

Download the report here and learn more about the panorama of Spanish foodtech!

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