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Interview with Ranjan Patnaik from The EVERY Company

We interviewed Ranjan Patnaik, CTO of The EVERY Company, formerly Clara Foods, that will participate at The Food Biotech Congress.

Ahead of The Food Biotech Congress, we had the pleasure of interviewing Ranjan Patnaik, Chief Technology Officer of The EVERY Company. The timing was perfect as they have very recently announced their rebranding from Clara Foods to The EVERY Company. This rebranding truly encapsulates their mission to create “Animal-free protein for every human, every animal, everywhere”. Ranjan gives us some fantastic insights about the company, their new product, next steps, and the future of the alternative protein market.

The Food Biotech Congress spotlights companies solely at the disruptive intersection between food and biotech. Instead of being another alternative protein, plant-based conference or generic food technology, or bulk buy ingredients event, it’s a next-gen ingredients forum for senior executives covering the critical business dynamics and taste, texture, and nutrition challenges from biotech and cell-based approaches across the main food pillars (Fat, Protein, Sugar and Salt). 

The event will take place on November 10-11 and if you book using our code ‘EA15 you will receive a 15% discount.


Can you give us an overview of what The EVERY Company is and stands for?

The EVERY Company, headquartered in South San Francisco, is a market leader in engineering, manufacturing and formulating animal-free, animal proteins as ingredients for the global food and beverage industry. Originally founded as Clara Foods in 2014, EVERY rebranded in 2021 to better capture its vision to bring animal-free proteins to everyone, everywhere. EVERY is a team of passionate changemakers who are reimagining the factory farm model with a more sustainable and kinder alternative. Leveraging precision fermentation to produce both super-functional and one-to-one replacement proteins from microorganisms, EVERY™ is on a mission to decouple the world’s proteins from the animals that make them. 


Congratulations on creating your animal-free egg white! How does it differ from the other egg alternatives in the market?

Thank you! Right now there’s a big push to use plants to replace animal proteins (aka plant-based options); however, plant-based alternatives often come with taste and texture trade-offs, particularly for eggs. According to the Good Food Institute, 14% of the milk market is plant-based but when it comes to plant-based eggs, that number drops to less than 0.2%. The EVERY Company uses precision fermentation to create nature-equivalent proteins that match the taste, texture, and unique culinary functionality of real egg whites – without using a single chicken. The EVERY Company is on a quest to help transform the food system by making it possible for consumers to enjoy the foods they know and love, without any taste and texture trade-offs, and without involving a single animal.


What are the next steps for The EVERY Company?

At EVERY, we are continuously exploring new ways to create animal-free proteins that match or exceed the taste, texture, and unique culinary functionality of eggs derived from animals. We just launched the world’s first animal-free, nature-equivalent egg protein — EVERY ClearEgg™ which will be launching as a co-branded ingredient with its first retail customer later this year.


Do you plan on creating other alternative proteins?

Yes, we have a broad suite of proteins we’ll be launching in the future as we look to expand our protein portfolio. We are creating sustainable protein alternatives suited for a 21st-century food system that match or exceed what current proteins on the market can offer. 


Where do you see the alternative protein market in 5 years?

Great question! We believe the world is moving toward animal-free protein and that protein alternatives, including proteins made using precision fermentation, will become more mainstream. We strive to offer brands and consumers uncompromised proteins so they can enjoy the foods they know and love without sacrificing taste, texture, sustainability, or ethics. It’s exciting to see what happens next now that plant-based companies have succeeded in the market, helping to enable a transition to an animal-free future for the food industry. 

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