French Sencrop acquires sensor-maker Vision-Green

Sencrop offers weather data to European farmers with its agro-weather stations and sensors. And now its going a step further after acquiring Vision-Green, a subsidiary of Latitude GPS, “in a process of consolidation and bringing more value to farmers.”

Visio-green was founded in 2016 and develops sensors for farmers including agro-weather stations and irrigation probes. It currently mans 1,800 stations which will join with Sencrops existing stations of 9,500. As well as its strong presence in France, it also provides its stations to farmers in Italy, too. Which made it an attractive purchase for Sencrop, as well as to take advantage of partnerships with agribusinesses and agricultural chambers and unions, and to offer their farmers more personalized information and guidance.

“Our mission is to empower all farmers to make better decisions and reduce their crop risks with a positive agro-environmental footprint.” – Martin Ducroquet, co-founder of Sencrop.

Over 10,000 farmers currently use Sencrop to acquire important data, and it isn´t only farmers, but also winegrowers and fruit growers in over 14 different countries too. The technology it develops is used to support their decision-making and they have the power to select specific weather stations to retrieve the information they want. Last year it won the top award for its technology at the 2017 SIMA Innovation Awards ceremony.

Read more on Sencrops story & the future of Vision-Green after its acquisition @agfunder 

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