The king keurig of beer has arrived: introducing Drinkworks

It’s true, the industry of single-serving coffee pods still has a long way to go in terms of sustainability. They are far from environmentally-friendly, but they are convenient. They have become a real time saver for those early morning risers who love to pop in a pod and enjoy the exact right amount of coffee every time. Imagine having the same thing, but with beer…

Well, now you don’t have to! Home Bar startup Drinkworks recently announced its first beer pilot program to offer a Keurig of beer to consumers. Partnering with LA-based Golden Road Brewing, they will be launching pods that allow users to pump out a beer with just the push of a button. The best part? Its on-demand, so it’s there whenever you need to kick back and enjoy a cold one. 

Each pod will allow for a 14-ounce draught with a choice of four different wheat beers. So, how does it work?

“Subsequently, water is removed through Drinkworks’ proprietary distillation process, and Drinkworks Pods are filled with the concentrated brew, resulting in a never-before-seen method of packaging and dispensing draught brews.”

The launch is a long-way off and the product will only be available in Orange County, California initially. But hopefully we can see it across the States in the future, and then maybe Europe.  

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