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The 9th issue of The Plant Base: Fermenting the Future

Each issue of The Plant Base features innovations, news, in-depth exclusive features, market research, expert insights, and more.

The Plant Base by Foodbev Media

Issue 9: Fermenting the Future


The Plant BaseWe are proud media partners of Foodbev Media who recently launched their new magazine, The Plant Base. 

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The Plant Base is the first B2B magazine in the food and beverage industry solely dedicated to the plant-based sector. It provides readers with unrivaled insights into the current developments across the area and an essential guide to the future of the segment.

Published six times a year, The Plant Base covers compelling subjects such as plant-based meat and dairy alternatives; ingredients for plant-based products; bio-packaging; the future of farming; and much more.

Each issue of The Plant Base features innovations, news, in-depth exclusive features, market research, expert insights, and more – helping you to keep up with one of the industry’s most exciting and fast-evolving markets.

In the 9th issue, The Plant Base investigates how industry players are reshaping the food landscape by leveraging new and old fermentation techniques. As usual, the magazine covers the latest business news from across the plant-based sector and new plant-based innovations and product releases. 

Regarding new innovations and product releases, the magazine highlights the development of the mycoprotein butter prototype by Mycorena, the launch of Roquette rice protein ingredients, Daiya Foods introducing Mediterranean-inspired plant-based cheeses, Nestlé announcing the launch of their plant-based toddler drink, Meatless Farm moving into ready meal category, among many others news very worth reading. 

In the industry news chapter, the magazine features the Spanish biotech startup Coccus securing €2.5m in pre-Series A funding round led by Big Idea Ventures, Cargill Ventures, Eatable Adventures, Tech Transfer UPV, Bel Group, and Superbrewed Food partnership announcement, Tetra Pak collaboration with Mycorena in fungi fermentation plant, and more. 

In this month’s issue of The Plant Base magazine, an in-depth look is taken at very interesting and worth noting food industry trends that are on the rise today.

In the late twentieth century, ‘milk’ was only related to cows. Until recently, dairy-free drinks were a niche category of interest to a relatively small number of people. Today, this picture is transformed, as vegan milk alternatives have exploded into the mainstream. This month’s Plant Base covers where is the attention in the alternative dairy industry up to now, what challenges and opportunities they’re facing, and where this industry is headed.

Additionally, another sector of the magazine examines functional food categories explaining the raft of recent innovations claiming benefits beyond taste and basic nutrition. In order to meet the demand for healthy food products driven by consumers’ health consciousness, entrepreneurs are creating options that integrate plant-based and functional food categories. Don’t miss the chance to learn more about this topic. 

Last but not least, as this issue’s magazine topic indicates, The Plant Base Magazine talks about Fermenting the Future. Think fermentation and you might conjure up a kombucha, yogurt, or tempeh block. While the age-old processing technique often flies under the radar, its products are everywhere. And never more so than now, with the imperative to find sustainable ways to feed an ever-growing population prompting an explosion of innovation in the sector. The Plant Base highlights the different applications and outcomes of fermentation we can encounter nowadays in the market, from biomass fermentation that Quorn applies, to the precision fermentation combined with artificial intelligence the company Shiru is developing.  

To end with, this issue offers an interview with the CEO of Xampla, one of the most disruptive companies nowadays in terms of sustainability. Xampla’s is a stock cube wrapper with a difference: edible and cookable, the ‘first-of-its-kind’ plastic-free solution is made from pea protein. Launched last year, the innovation is just one in a portfolio of products with which Xampla plans to disrupt the packaging industry. 

Simon Hombersley explains in depth their mission, how the company surged, what benefits its edible packaging material has, his value in the industry, what they expect in the near future, and much more. 

As is the custom, the magazine also recommends two noteworthy events.

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