Food Entrepreneurs Innovative Valentines Menu

Straight from the kitchen of Food Entrepreneurs, we wanted to surprise you with an innovative Valentine’s menu where you will have the opportunity to taste a range of different dishes, from 100% vegan-friendly foods to cell-based fish which are completely sustainable for the environment.

On Valentine’s day we celebrate our love for innovation and all the disruptive technologies that are helping us transform the way we live, eat and feed.

Alternative proteins, such as celled-based meat, can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prevent the over-use of resources, like gene-editing which improves seeds and increases crop revenue, big data which helps reduce transaction costs and risks for farmers, and last but not least block chain which allows traceability and transparency options throughout the food chain.

Discover the startups that made us fall in love and share this menu with your better half!




Let´s start our romantic dinner with a creamy hummus made from jalapeños and fresh avocado, an explosive combination of flavors that takes us right to the Middle East.

Prommus seeks to reimagine traditional Middle Eastern cuisine. It all started when the founder, Anthony Brahimsha, witnessed the healing effects of food to help treat the severe amount of malnutrition that was affecting Syria, his native country. All these healthy products are manufactured without using heat pasteurization, preservatives or  artificial flavors and colors. Instead, they use a pressure-based technology that eliminates the exact microorganisms that spoil food.




As a first course, we give you the Blue Evolution Rotini with delicious vegan pesto and carrots.

Blue Evolution is a company that produces seaweed-based pasta. Their mission? To connect consumers with the ocean through an innovative product: algae. Its paste is rich in iodine and it is also an incredible source of iron and magnesium. In addition, algae have multiple benefits for our oceans, thanks to their ability to absorb carbon dioxide and reduce acidification.




For our main course we flew all the way to Singapore for some cell-based fish ravioli:

Shiok Meats is a startup that produces laboratory-grown meat and fish, the first of its kind in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

The best part? All of their meat products are cruelty-free and have no negative impact on the environment.




It’s not Valentine’s Day without dessert: and even better when its vegan chocolate ice cream.

London-based startup, Raw Halo, was founded in 2014 with the mission of reducing sugar in our diet without having to give up chocolate. That is why they have created a range of delicious chocolate bars that are not only vegan but also organic and gluten free, too! They have now launched their products in the Middle East and Australia last year and hope to target other regions with their exciting and innovative product.




We always need a delicious cup of coffee after dinner, of course!

Seattle startup Atomo Coffee has created a unique molecular formula capable of producing coffee without using grains or negatively impacting the environment. Its a natural coffee with 95% of its ingredients being recycled vegetable products. In addition, Atomo Molecular Coffee is completely vegan and isn´t genetically modified, the advantages are endless!

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