Bio Packaging takes root in the Food and Beverage industry

Food Bev's The Plant Base magazine issue 3 centers on bio packaging in the food & beverage industry. You will also find great industry news and more!

 We are proud media partners of Foodbev Media who recently launched their brand new magazine, The Plant Base. 

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The Plant Base is the first B2B magazine in the food and beverage industry solely dedicated to the plant-based sector. It provides readers with unrivaled insights into the current developments across the area, as well as an essential guide to the future of the segment.

Published six times a year, The Plant Base covers compelling subjects such as plant-based meat and dairy alternatives; ingredients for plant-based products; bio-packaging; the future of farming; and much more.

Each issue of The Plant Base features innovations, news, in-depth exclusive features, market research, expert insights, and more – helping you to keep up with one of the industry’s most exciting and fast-evolving markets.

cover page of magazine on bio packaging

Issue 3

The magazine’s third issue focuses on plant-based packaging that can combat waste, being a truly sustainable solution.

To begin we dive into the main Innovations in the industry, starting with the field of manufacturing and ingredients. For example, there is a section talking about Geltor, the first vegan collagen ingredient, and another about Saputo’s mozzarella-flavored cheese alternative. Following is the subsection of new product launches under the industry innovations. Here we see brands that recently released new products such as Quorn, Tyson Foods, and more.

Then, we get into Industry news. Find all the most relevant news about plant-based food and beverage. Indeed there is a variety of information, from large investment into sustainable protein research in Europe to mycelium-based meat startup Meati Foods securing 50 million dollars in funding.

The succeeding few pages explore the main topic of the issue, plant-based bio packaging and its sustainability. This is followed by a great interview with the director of plant-based business acceleration of Danone, Guillaume Millet. 

Next, are three sections tackling vegan cheese, sustainable agriculture, and mushrooms in the mainstream. We also get great insights from an interview with Pam Ismael, director and founder of the Plant Protein Innovation Center (PPIC) speaking about the center’s work, challenges affecting the sector, and the future for plant proteins. Lastly, they feature events that might interest you.

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