Plant-based startups: the rise of alt protein amid covid19

As distribution systems begin to buckle and meat factories become hot beds for the virus, faux meat has started to establish itself as a sustainable alternative. But this isnt anything new, over the past few years we have slowly seen a global shift towards better for your products and more nutritional diets, and as the food industry sees a spike in consumer demand for these foodstuffs, we have also seen a rise in agri-food startups offering up their sustainable solutions.

As people pivot their eating habits to cleaner label products that also minimize damage to our planet, how do new companies keep up with this demand? Going down the alt protein path offers a variety of advantages for founders seeking new business models and revitalisation of revenue streams. 

There are a number of startups already riding the wave of change offering alt protein solutions to hungry consumers.

Image courtesy of Cubiq Foods

Spanish startup Cubiq Foods is one of them and has striked gold amid the virus snapping up €5 million from Blue Horizon Ventures , a leading global investor in foodtech, alongside Moira Capital Partners SGEIC.

The young company is developing healthy fats that can replace saturated vegetable and animal fat ingredients. The company aims to promote both a positive nutritional and environmental impact. One of its products, branded vegan ‘SMART FAT#, offers a full flavour profile boasting less calories, less saturated fats and is 100% all natural. 

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